Why Is My Ceiling Leaking When It Hasn't Rained?

Los Angeles PlumberHave you discovered a small brown spot on your ceiling that seems to keep expanding even though it hasn't been raining in your area? Or do you have actual dripping going on for no apparent reason?

If so, the problem is likely caused by leaking plumbing lines. Sometimes, the leak may be caused by your air conditioning condensation drain lines if they're routed through your ceiling. But in many cases, a plumbing leak is the culprit.

Many plumbing leaks happen slowly because of tiny leaks in the connections. Over time, everything expands and contracts, especially when located near the attic or outside walls because the temperature gets hotter in those locations. Plumbing lines will expand and contract daily based on the heat of the day and nighttime cooler temperatures.

This expanding and contracting over time can cause the connections to weaken and get loose enough to drip out tiny amounts of water.

Plumbing leaks like this are most common found in floors, under flooring, under foundations, and inside wall cavities wherever plumbing lines lie. But on two story homes, homes with rerouted plumbing lines, or where, for any reason, plumbing is located in the ceiling space, leaks can form.

If you do have a stain or water dripping, consider yourself lucky to have found the problem because it could be months in other cases before you realize there's a problem when the leaks are slow like that. Higher water bills are a sign that something's going on, but hidden leaks aren't easily found or recognized.

If you find yourself in this situation, it's a good idea to have a plumber come out to inspect your water system. You don't want to put the problem off because if there is a plumbing leak then you're likely to have other problems going on as well. Leaking plumbing can cause mold, mildew, and bacterial growth in your ceiling or wall spaces.

These contaminants can make you or loved ones sick if not taken care of right away. Plus, your wood and other building materials will rot out and have to be replaced eventually.

Ceiling texture peeling or wall texture peeling is also a sign of moisture problems of some kind. The problem there could be high humidity in the home. High humidity can literally destroy your indoor building materials because they weren't manufactured to withstand the effects of moisture and are supposed to be protected from it.

If the cause is indeed your plumbing, an experienced and professional plumber who has the proper leak detection equipment won't have to tear up your ceiling in order to find the issue. This state of the art equipment saves the property owner much in time and funds to locate and find leaks so they can be repaired.

At Express Plumbing & Remodeling, we're expert leak detectors, so if you're having any suspicions that your plumbing is leaking, just give us a call and we'll find it fast for you! For the best in quality repairs and leak detection in the Los Angeles area, you want Express Plumbing & Remodeling!

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