Why Can't I Get My Hot Water To Work?

Los Angeles Water HeaterThere's nothing much worse than standing in your shower, enjoying the warmth that envelops you as the water cascades over you, when all of the sudden the warmth turns cold! You'll be cursing the hot water heater once again.

For some reason, unknown to you, if you wait a while, you'll be able to have hot water again, but you're getting tired of this back and forth and it seems like every day you get a little less of the hot and more of the cold.

You may be wondering what the cause of the problem is because you know your family isn't consuming an entire water heater tank full of hot water within a few hours time, so in reality you should not be running out of hot water. But even so, it happens and your frustrated and want to know why.

Our experts at Express Plumbing & Remodeling know just how you feel. This happens to many of our customers and we've been asked about this a lot over the years. How can a hot water heater system give you less and less hot water as time goes on and what's the cause of it and other hot water problems?

Sediment Buildup In Your Water Heater Tank

One of the main causes of hot water heater failure is sediment buildup within the tank. All water sources contain minerals that when heated to a certain degree temperature turn into a substance called scale.

This scale can float around or fall down in the tank. Sediments wind up accumulating down in the bottom of your hot water tank. Over time, the buildup can be so great it actually reaches the levels of your heating elements.

Scale also coats everything, so it gets circulated around in your water supply and coats the pipes, mechanical parts of the water heater, fixtures, the inside of your dishwasher, your dishes, and everything else it touches. Scale is sticky, causing corrosion and your dishes to feel chalky.

This substance is bad for your water heater, so if it's been building up for some time and you haven't had your water heater serviced, this is likely the cause of your hot water problems.

Scale builds up within the pipe system, causing pipes to slowly narrow, so you could also be dealing with a pipe narrowing issues.

The heating element that is covered in scale or lime or sediments will go out quicker than one serving only clear water. So, what do you do if you have scale buildup? Call our professionals for a water heater flush out. If your lines need cleaning, we offer that service as well.

Your heating elements may also need replacing and your water heater flushed. Let us take a look at it because it could be a quick and very affordable repair for you! We'll find what the problems are and get them taken care of once and for all!

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