4 Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Functioning Properly

4 Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Functioning Properly

A garbage disposal is one of the most handy tools you have available to you in your kitchen. Many homeowners wind up taking this nifty little device for granted, unfortunately, until it stops functioning like it should. Every so often, they will wind up with a disposal that has just stopped working and have to contact a Los Angeles plumber to come out and get it back in working order. Like any tool, your garbage disposal requires proper maintenance to keep functioning at its best. With the right care, your disposal will continue running for a long time, run without issues, and might even smell a little better as well. To help you in this task, we have put together a short list of 4 easy maintenance tips you can follow to ensure that your garbage disposal stays at its best.

Adding Some Dish Soap

While you are running some cold water down the disposal drain with the blades running, add a small dab of dish soap to help clean everything out. Just like it does with your dishes, dish soap will help to clean away any lingering grease, grime, or caked on food that has been building up over time. You want to make sure that you keep the disposal blades running until all of the bubble froth has gone down the drain. In addition to protecting the inner mechanisms of you disposal from grease and debris buildup, performing this simple task will help to eliminate any foul odors that may have been building up inside the unit.

Toss In Some Small Bones

While every instinct inside of you may be screaming that this is a bad idea, it is actually quite the opposite. While it may seem like breaking garbage disposal rule number 1, throwing in some small bones for grinding every so often will actually help to clean out your disposal. The small shards of bone can actually help to clean any dried or stubborn food particles that have attached themselves to the inside of your disposal. For this, you will definitely want to use small bones that are easy to break up, like chicken ribs. You most certainly do not want to use anything thick like beef bones, pork bones, or bigger chicken bones like those in the legs.

Add Some Orange Peels

If your garbage disposal has started to take on a funky smell as of late, most likely the cause isn't going to be rotting food. While rotting food can give off an extremely unpleasant smell, the culprit is usually going to be the simple fact that you have been using your disposal a lot recently. It may have just run across some especially rough stuff and needs a little freshening up. The easiest way to eliminate odors inside your disposal is by adding a few orange peels and grind them up. The citrus from the peels will help to dissolve any lingering residue and replace it with its own fresher scent.

Fill It With Ice

About once every month, it pays to take some of the ice from your freezer and toss it into your disposal. Once it is filled with ice, grind it all back down. Ice cubes in this sense basically function as a heavy duty orange peel. Not only will these clean the grease and other food particles out of your disposal, but it will also help to sharpen the blades.

Follow these four easy tips, and you can drastically cut down on your need for disposal repairs.

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