Los Angeles, CA Expert Plumbing Services

Los Angeles PlumberIf you're a resident or business owner, there will come a time when you need expert Los Angeles plumbing services. When that time arises, call on our professionals at Express Plumbing & Remodeling and we won't let you down! From gas line leak detection and repair to installing a n entirely new commercial plumbing system, our Los Angeles Plumbers can handle all your plumbing service needs.

Is your water pressure declining with time? Do you have obvious leaks that need repair? Is your dishwasher leaving sediments or chalky substances all over your dishes? Is your hot water lukewarm at best? Are your fixtures, valves, or connections getting rusty or corroded?

These are all common reasons we're called out on service calls for plumbing repairs. If you're having any of these common problems, we know just where to look to find the cause and can make quick repair or replacement to take care of the problem. We also provide thorough cleaning for your hot water heater and your drain lines.

Plumbing Leak Repairs in Los Angeles

Your plumbing can have leaks happen at a moment's notice anywhere in your plumbing system. Typically, it's the connections that get rusted out or a pipe breaking that causes leaks, but the issue could be something hidden from view like a hairline crack in your toilet. Our expert plumbing service professionals at Express Plumbing & Remodeling will pinpoint your leaks, find the cause of the problem, and get it fixed as quickly as possible!

Los Angeles Water Heaters Replacement & Installation

If you're tired of spending your hard earned dollars on a water heater tank system that constantly runs just to keep ready gallons of hot water you may not use but once a day, it's time to upgrade to a tankless hot water heater. Whole home tankless hot water heaters are available to give you instant hot water any time you need it. This system replaces your current hot water heater tank and will cost you much less in energy to run.

We also offer full service for your water heaters from clean out, repairs, replacements, and new installations. We can service your water heaters to keep them running great and clear of sediment buildup that coats pipes and causes chalky residue on your dishes. Have fresh, clean hot water with our quality repairs from Express Plumbing & Remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

If you're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, count on our experienced professional remodeling team for quality work and expertise. We can replace your fixtures or handle all your kitchen or bathroom remodeling needs. We'll help you pick out some great replacements for your bathtub, shower, sinks, faucets, and other fixtures from top quality manufacturers that provide you with better, more efficient appliances and products.

For Fast Expert Plumbing Services in Los Angeles or Orange County, please call 323-892-1798 or complete our online request form.

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