Hollywood, CA Expert Plumbing Services

Hollywood PlumberIf you're a resident or business owner in Hollywood, CA, you're going to need a plumber you can trust at some point in time. You'll need expert Hollywood plumbers who are ready to handle your plumbing emergencies as well at any time of day or night. When those times come, we would love to earn your business here at Express Plumbing & Remodeling.

From gas line leak detection and repair to new plumbing systems to water heater replacement, our Los Angeles Plumbers can handle any plumbing service needs you may have. Our professionals are licensed, insured, and fully certified where needed.

If your water pressure is declining over time, you have obvious leaks needing repairs, your dishwasher is leaving sedimentary chalky coating on your dishes, or your hot water is lukewarm or cold, it's time to call in one of our professional Hollywood plumbers!

We can also thoroughly clean out your drains and pipes, or remove sediment from your water heater tank. We provide many professional plumbing services to the area for both residential homeowners and commercial business property owners.

Plumbing Leak Repairs in Hollywood

Leaks normally happen at a moment notice, but they can be slow leaks that never quite pool water where you can see it. Your leaks need to be found before repairs can be made, but many times the location of the problem is hidden where you can't see it. Leaks can be caused by any number of things including hairline cracks in your commode to rusted valves or connections. We can locate the cause of your leaks and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

Hollywood Water Heaters Replacement & Installation

Express Plumbing & Remodeling repairs and replaces water heaters and installs new ones for both commercial property owners and homeowners. Instead of replacing your water heat tank with another one, why not take this opportunity to replace it with a whole home tankless water heater system? There's no better time to switch your system out than now.

You may also be able to qualify for tax incentives to help you fund the changes, so check with your tax accountant. The tankless water heaters are considered “green” appliances because they don't waste energy keeping water heating in a tank at all times.

With this system, you have instant hot water when and where you want it and only when you want it. Systems can be individually installed under a sink to service one area or can be whole home systems to effectively heat all your water on demand.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen & bathroom areas of your home is a great way to add value to your property. Give our pros a call and we'll take care of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project! For all your plumbing needs, trust the professionals at Express Plumbing & Remodeling and you won't go wrong!

For Fast Expert Plumbing Services in Hollywood or Orange County, please call 323-892-1798 or complete our online request form.

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