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Agoura Hills PlumberAre you an Agoura Hills commercial property or homeowner? If so, you'll want to know about our quality, professional plumbing services. Express Plumbing & Remodeling is the Agoura Hills preferred plumbing company for plumbing repairs, replacements and installations. Whatever your plumbing needs are, our Los Angeles Plumbers can help you with them.

Our quality services include trenchless sewers, commercial plumbing, septic systems & tanks, water heaters, drain cleaning, gas lines, fixture replacements, new pipes and repiping, and much more!

Plumbing Leak Repairs in Agoura Hills

Plumbing leaks can be caused by many things, but no matter the reason it's frustrating for you and can often lead to thousands in damages for your belongings or expensive equipment. Often, the cause of leaks are hard to find because they occur in areas you can't get to or see. Under the house, in the walls, under the ground, or under foundations, leaks can be slow to where the only clue you have that something's wrong is a higher water bill.

With our leak detection equipment, we can pinpoint where the problem lies and take care of it for you. We have all the equipment we need to repair your leaks causing the least intrusion to you and your landscape, foundation, or property as is possible.

Agoura Hills Water Heaters Replacement & Installation

No matter the quality of your water heater, it has a limited lifetime and at some point in time will see the end of its life of usefulness. With time, parts for you water heater system will break down and the system will no longer provide you with sufficient hot water. Whether your water heater needs repair or replacement, we can take a look at it and will advise you honestly about what's best.

We always like to recommend replacing the tank water heaters with a tankless water heater system. These units are small, take up little space, are very efficient, and cause much less in energy consumption. As “green” alternatives to the hot water tank, these systems give you on demand hot water when and where you want it!

Agoura Hills Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

If your Agoura Hills home needs a kitchen or bathroom remodeling or updates, give us a call because we have many ideas ready for you. Are you tired of your old garden tub and want a nice jetted bathtub in its place? Or maybe you'd like to replace your old shower head with a two headed shower system with full side body jets? Let us work with you to bring your kitchen and bathroom up to date!

We can help you choose just the right fixtures and appliances to save you energy costs yet add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Let us give you a beautiful space you'll love with our bathroom and kitchen remodeling services!

For Fast Expert Plumbing Services in Agoura Hills or Orange County, please call 323-892-1798 or complete our online request form.

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